Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look what was waiting for me when I Finally Got out of the Infirmary.

Another not so quick trip to the infirmary this week. Still at least Mme. Pomfrey was there not Hagrid. Waiting for me on my bed was a package from a Ravenclaw, Miss Nymphadora. I would have assumed that my fellow Slitherins would have nicked some of the parcel but apparently it was being guarded by the ever cuddly (why can't be be even a bit more dignified?) and thankfully, non-snoring Spooky.
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I posted in character but want to say OCC on this page I while Danni may think she is well deserving I know that Nyphadora really outdid herself and am very humbled by her generosity.

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Emma Wigworthy said...

Marvellous! Both commentary and package are superb (of course)!