Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 32

Hello, all!

As I've said before with every HSKS things change. Our follow up this time around has been a lot more fervent, but I'm almost thinking now that it might be too fervent? Please let me know your thoughts and leave your suggestions.

The frustrating part for me is not hearing from a few or knowing that they have been posting on Ravelry, but not having any communication here. It's okay, though. I understand that a myriad of things could be happening in people's life that I know nothing about. I know for a fact that we've had deaths in the family, chronic illnesses, swollen apendages (not what you think! Get your mind out of the gutter!), and moves happening all around the end of the swap. I just ask that each of you please make sure that you are in contact with your prefect and your pal, or in the very least, updating your blog so that people know what is going on in your lives.

In particular I would like to hear from the Hufflepuffs - whether you sent or received packages - and the Slytherins on whether you've sent your packages. I've already heard from a few of you, but not enough.

Packages Sent

Gryffindors - 78%

Ravenclaws - 78%

Hufflepuffs - 20%

Slytherins - 40%

67% of all swap packages have been sent. Let's go for 100% everyone!!!

Add Your Kit Photos to Flickr!!
If you haven't had the chance, please join the HSKS group on Flickr and add your photos. I would love to keep a database of kits for people to refer back to. Just go HERE to join.


Emma Wigworthy said...

Neila knows this, but I'll leave a message for you too Jenean. I haven't received my kit yet. Lily emailed a week ago now to let me know she was waiting for delibery of some things for it. I'm fairly confident it will come soon though.

Avada Finch-Fletchley said...

I am also still waiting patiently for my kit.

Antonia Marie dela Weasley said...

My kit is all packed and will be stopping by the Owl Post in the morning on my way to classes.

I've not received anything from my partner and have not heard from her since the first contact in March when we were reassigned.

Antonia Marie dela Weasley said...

Sent my package this morning. Emailed you the tracking number.

clara clovenhoove said...

Neila knows this as well, but I too haven't heard nor received anything from my partner since she e-mailed me back in the beginning of January.

So, I guess I'm just waiting patiently too...

Penelope of Flitwick said...

I know that my pal has received her kit but she has not yet posted.

Matilda Durmstrang said...

I'm still waiting for my owl.