Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Celebration (aka How to get a new wardrobe)

Feb. 29: A day for women to claim their prerogative
Nina Petersen-Perlman Duluth News Tribune
Published Friday, February 29, 2008

For presidential candidates, it’s a gift of an extra 24 hours to convince voters to support them. For business owners, it’s one more day to make profits. For marketers, it’s yet another holiday that can be promoted with product tie-ins.

And, according to folklore, Leap Year Day is women’s chance to pop the question.

Carol Mead, coordinator of the Lake Superior Singles Fellowship, said she knew about the tradition when she planned a Leap Year singles potluck for tonight.

“I joked and I said the guys better run or the women are going to get lucky,” she said. “I don’t know if the women are going to be happy about that.”

The legend is said to have started in fifth-century Ireland, when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick that women had to wait too long for men to propose. St. Patrick acquiesced, and decreed that women could have one day in February during a leap year for a Sadie Hawkins-esque role reversal.

To make it truly a win-win situation, St. Patrick also decided that should a woman be refused, the male would have to pay a fine or give her a beautiful garment.

Renee Goman, a consultant at Princess Bride in Duluth, said she doesn’t think that penance would be paid in today’s world.

“I don’t think the men would do it, but women would enjoy it,” Goman said, laughing. “I’d be OK with it.”

Goman and several other bridal consultants in the area said they could not recall ever hearing of a woman-asks-man proposal from their customers, and definitely not anyone who had decided to follow the Leap Day tradition.

According to the journal Sex Roles, which surveyed students at Midwestern colleges, “commonly accepted, traditional elements” still rule how people perceive relationships. The more traditional elements of a proposal, such as a man asking a woman on bended knee, make others more likely to see the relationship as strong.

Though not many have heard of this tradition today, it seems to have been common knowledge a century ago. In a 1904 column entitled “Leap Year Proposal” in the New York Times, popular relationship columnist Dorothy Dix advised women on how to prepare for the “ticklish job” that is asking a man for his hand.

“There are times when a man is rushed, or tired, or hungry, when it is simply courting disaster to ask him anything, and when he would refuse a free passport to heaven if it were tendered him on a silver salver,” she cautioned.

Hunger won’t be an issue at the single’s fellowship potluck, which starts at 6 p.m. at United Presbyterian Church in Superior, 229 N. 28th St. All area singles are welcome, but they should bring a dish to share, Mead said.

Clara Clovenhoove's Ravenclaw Quiz 4

1. What colorless and odorless potion forces the drinker to tell the truth?

2. If the spell to Apparate goes wrong and leaves half of you behind, you have been what?

3. Who wrote the Standard Books of Spells Grades 1 and 2?
Miranda Goshawk

4. What is it called when brother wands meet?
priori incantatem

5. Name the charm used by Ludo at the World Cup to amplify his voice.

6. For what is the charm Aparecium used?
makes visible what is invisible - ink wise

7. What charm requires the use of a Secret-Keeper?

8. What color should the Strengthening Potion be?

9. What plants are used in preparing a confusing potion?
scurvy grass, sneeze wort and lovage

10. What condition is cured by Glumbumble?

11. What potion makes a werewolf safe so he can keep his mind when he transforms, and what substance makes it useless?
wolfsbane, sugar

12. When does Fluxwood, an ingredient used in making Polyjuice Potion, have to be picked?
full moon

13. What color should a Shrinking Solution be?
bright green

14. What potion is made from asphodel and wormwood?
draught of living death

15. For what are Jobberknoll feathers used?
truth serums

Thanks, Emma

I just got an awesome package from my pal Emma Wigworthy, I am still overwhelmed by all the love and thinking she put in packaging and selecting the goodies...
I got a sock knitting book plus a great sock pattern from etsy, a beautiful green set of stitch markers, a set of dpns (Knit Picks Harmony????), lots of sweets and 2 cans with "spotted dick" and "english custard" where I just have to find out what it is... but I can't wait to try it.

Photos will be posted later on my blog, now I have to feed an always hungry mouth first, it's amazing how much 3 year old boys can eat...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Owl from Cassandra

Today, I received a wonderful owl package from Cassandra Puddlemere- she put together a very thoughtful and lovely package, including a treasure chest, and it was indeed filled with treasures. I am so lucky. Thank you, Cassandra.

Warm thoughts and big hugs from Patonga Pinkstone :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 30

Hello, everyone!!
I do hope that you're kits are coming along nicely. We are only a little over a month away from the deadline, so I expect to see many owls arriving at Hogwarts daily! Thank you so much to those that have already sent their packages and emailed me your delivery confirmation numbers.

Spam Comments
Because I want to allow you to post anonymously using your Potters names, the comments section to each post is a wide open playing field for the spammers. Please do not click on the links which they post to the comments section. I'm trying to get in here to delete them often, but just in case. You don't want to open your computer up to any spyware.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

(Not so) Daily Prophet, Issue 29

The owls have begun to fly!! Kit deliveries abound as the owls begin to cover the sky. I hope this will not increase too much muggle curiosity :)

Weekly Posting Points
No points subtracted for last week because Quidditch took place, but if you did not post last week you will need to post by Saturday of this week or you will be dropped from the swap ~ beware!! Thankfully, there are only a few that need to take note. Everyone else is being very good!
Hogwarts Happenings
Special Schoolwide Assignment!

There is no due date for this assignment, but please post on your blogs a short report on Fleur Delacour. The report is to include information on Fleur, the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Veelas.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Game Time!!

I want to keep the fun going again with a game if anyone else is up for it!

This is a game where I will post the first name. You (whoever sees this first) will post one word they think describes that person. Then that person will list another name at the bottom of their post. We will keep it going that way. :) Anyone wanna play?

Professor Snape

Ravenclaw House Quiz #4

Ravenclaws, it's time for your next House Quiz. I hope you've all been studying your charms and potions! Your answers are due by midnight PST on Saturday, March 1. Good luck!

1. What colorless and odorless potion forces the drinker to tell the truth?

2. If the spell to Apparate goes wrong and leaves half of you behind, you have been what?

3. Who wrote the Standard Books of Spells Grades 1 and 2?

4. What is it called when brother wands meet?

5. Name the charm used by Ludo at the World Cup to amplify his voice.

6. For what is the charm Aparecium used?

7. What charm requires the use of a Secret-Keeper?

8. What color should the Strengthening Potion be?

9. What plants are used in preparing a confusing potion?

10. What condition is cured by Glumbumble?

11. What poton makes a werewolf safe so he can keep his mind when he transforms, and what substance makes it useless?

12. When does Fluxwood, an ingredient used in making Polyjuice Potion, have to be picked?

13. What color should a Shrinking Solution be?

14. What potion is made from asphodel and wormwood?

15. For what are Jobberknoll feathers used?

Attention All Slytherins

Check the common room board


Hey every one.
Wanted to remind you that

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slytherin Word Search Challenge

Feb. 23, 2008

I have e-mailed the Slytherin Word Search Challenge to all of you. I waited until later in the day so everyone has a better chance at grabbing it around the same time. It should not take long to complete, but I still will not post the winner until March 1, 2008. Feel free to list knitting books from your wishlist when you e-mail your answers. Bon Chance!!

Bev aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quidditch Scores

Sorry to have taken so long to post these. It was a rather busy day once the kiddos got home.
I'm going to give you the scores for Quidditch, but won't be able to update the cumulative scores until tomorrow because I don't have the most up-to-date scores on my laptop. I'm at work at the moment. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to this as soon as I get home tomorrow.

Quidditch ~ Round Two

1st place - Gryffindor 90%

2nd place - Ravenclaw 84%

3rd place - Hufflepuff 53%

4th place - Slytherin 44%

Cumulative Scores

1st place - Gryffindor 90%

2nd place - Ravenclaw 84%

3rd place - Hufflepuff 63%

4th place - Slytherin 59%

Congrats to Lily of Gryffindor for finding the Snitch.
All Quidditch prizes will be mailed after the last round of Quidditch.

The Snitch has been found!

Congratulations goes to Gryffindor and Lily Durmstrang for finding the Snitch during round 2!! I'll have stats for you later today.

The Snitch is................................

Not here.

I found A snitch

Pretty sure it's not THE snitch but I'll keep looking

Got a Snitch? Post here!!

If you've found the Snitch for Round Two, please post your answer here.

Quidditch up

I always expect to end up in the infirmary by the end of quidditch... I never thought I could -play- from there... I guess you learn something new every day! My answers are finally up!


In preparation for the upcoming Quidditch match, I would like all Ravenclaws to gather around in a circle of friendship and join in the Ravenclaw Anthem.

Some call it magic,
These things that I see.
And I don't understand
Why it happens to me.
But I know that I have it,
For it blooms from within.
It beckons and calls
As I weave and I spin.
Some call it magic,
These things that I see.
I must list and learn
As ancient voices guide me.
Their magic is strong,
So I answer their call.
For I am sorted
To the best house of all.
The Mighty Ravenclaw!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quidditch Reminder

Hey, everyone! This is just a reminder that even though the dates say that Quidditch doesn't end until Saturday once the Snitch is found the game is over. The only reason I put ends dates is because we've had a few instances where it took days for the Snitch to be found. So, I had to put an end date, move the Snitch around a little and then have everyone hunt again.

Just like in the movie once the Snitch is found the game ends, so you should answer the trivia questions before the Snitch is released. I will not count any questions that are answered after the Snitch has been found.

NOTE: The new release time is mentioned above the trivia questions.

Go Ravenclaw!!!

Quidditch is up on my blog. Go Ravenclaw!!!

Now I'm ready to hunt down that pesky snitch...

Ravenclaw House Quiz #3

Once again I put the names of all Ravenclaws who completed House Quiz #3 into the Goblet of Fire for consideration. After a very brief wait, the following name glided into my outstretched hand....


Congratulations! You have won a skein of hand dyed sock yarn from the Crazy 4 Dyeing shop in our own Diagon Alley. I do believe in promoting the shops of our Hogwarts family.

Quidditch posted

I made it and just posted my quidditch trivia and picture hunt on my blog...

and later today, I will continue featuring Etsy Shops, so don't forget to have a look

Monday, February 18, 2008

My answers are up! Go Ravenclaw. Also looking for something to do come check out my blog and answer my poll on what is your favourite way to knit socks.

Weekly Posting - Feb. 10 - 16

Here are the percentages from last week's posting penalties.

Gryffindor - 91%

Ravenclaw - 83%

Slytherin - 74%

Hufflepuff - 72%


My answers are posted.

Posted, Head Mistress!

Smart & Smokin' Hot!
Go-o-o-o-o Ravenclaw!

Quiddith Answers Posted

I submit my answers to the Goblet for consideration. 

Q2 Done

Quidditch Round Two answers have been posted to my blog.
Bridget Willowmane
Posted my answers on my blog. Check out my sock pics while you there.



My quidditch answers are posted at my blog.
Quidditch answers up on my blog :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quiet Weekend?

I know I've been busy with homework all weekend, and still have a ton more to do, but I didn't really expect all of Hogwarts' halls to be this quiet. Hopefully everyone is having a nice weekend and is gearing up for Quidditch this week!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well Done Emma Dumbledore

Congratulations to Emma Dumbledore for getting 96 out of 100 on the Arithmancy Trivia Challenge. I will be mailing out your STR Sock Yarn on Tuesday. Well done.

Arithmancy Trivia Challenge Answers (4 points per question)

1. 3, Crucio or Cruciatus, Imperio or Imperius and Avada Kadavra
2. 1 month
3. Greenhouse 3
4. 7
5. Moaning Myrtle, Shirley Henderson was 35 in the Chamber of Secrets
6. July 30, day before Harry's birthday
7. 5
8. 12
9. about 500
10. 713
11. 11 years
12. 687
13. Prison
14. 37
15. 7990 TD
16. 10
17. 11:00
18. 7
19. 50 years
20. 9; toast, coconut, baked bean, strawberry, curry, grass, coffee, sardine, pepper
21. Nicolas 665 and Perenelle 658
22. 5972
23. 6
24. 11
25. 472

Bev aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect



Be sure you have posted to your blogs this week and that you have your quiz answered by Sunday at midnight.

I've had a couple requests for hints, I'm working on a hint. I will post it in the Hufflepuff common room.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I am concerned that all our Slytherins have disappeared.
There has been no chatting in our common room.
Maybe every one is busy studying.

Good luck with Quidditch everyone! I wanted to share the wonderful something that I received from my secret pal who is currently anonymous and I wanted to thank him/her publicly! You made my day and put a smile on my face -- thank you.

Free Potter Patterns

I have just found this amazing site with links to masses of free Potter-themed patterns. Enjoy!!

My Owl has arrived!

I have the best spoiler in the school. I was so excited I took the picture with my phone. When I find the camera I will post a better picture.I have more details in my blog!

Daily Prophet, Issue 28


Quidditch ~ Round Two
Quidditch begins next week!!! Isn't it crazy? Seems like the last round just ended. Time is just clipping along. Make sure that you are all prepared. Visit your housemates, leave notes on their blogs, create a flurry so that everyone knows it's coming soon. The questions will be released on Monday morning - approximately 10 AM PST. The Snitch will be released on Wednesday, also at about 9PM PST.

Weekly Posting
This bunch, honestly, has been the best about your participation and posting on a weekly basis. I really think that the character blogs have added to the excitement of the swap. That and the Common Rooms.

Make sure that everyone in your Houses posts this week also! Especially if they did not post last week.

Hogwarts Happenings

Madam Pomfrey has returned to her usual post and is quite healed from her ailments. I'm sure that many of you that had to visit the infirmary while Hagrid oversaw it is relieved to her of her return.

Professor Humperdink has gotten used to his post as the new DADA teacher, but it appears that he has heard of some of the nightly visits going on within the castle and has become insanely jealous!! Hmmmm . . . who could he be jealous of? Does he have a romantic interest that I did not know about?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Harry Potter V-Day Card for Everyone!

Lily of Flitlick Pointed out that Present is misspelled, but if you an get past that, Here is an awesome Valentine card for all of my fellow Hogwarts Housemates!

Lily Durmstrang

Happy Valentines Day!

Did I mention that my spoiler ROCKS!!!!! Here's the valentine I received in the postal mail today from Ms. Bathilda Boomslang!

Hope everyone had a great VDay! Thanks, Bathilda! ::hugs::

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

have a look at my blog

I was browsing etsy lately and found lots of beautiful Harry Potter related items there. So I decided to feature another etsy store each day on my blog - of course only stores with at least one Harry Potter related item.

And please be so kind as to comment on my blog if you like the featured store, I will give the link to the store owners as well and I'm sure they would love some feedback.

Daily Prophet, Issue 27

Hello, everyone!!!
Sorry to have been absent a couple of days. It appears I had to take a much needed break! Now I must get right back at it because tomorrow is Valentine's and I'd planned on knitting my husband a pair of Dashing's! I completed one mitt on Friday and had to stop because of HAT ATTACK, but now I can continue.

So, what has been happening around here? Did you all enjoy your visit to Hogsmeade last week? I haven't gotten around to reading everyone's blogs, but I will in the next two days. We do have a little bit of business to take care of, however.

Weekly Posting Results for Feb. 3 to Feb. 10

Gryffindor ~ 91%

Ravenclaw ~ 83%

Slytherin ~ 75%

Hufflepuff ~ 74%

My Awesome Prize!

I received a parcel today! An enormous tawny owl swept into the great hall during breakfast and dropped a package right on top of my scrambled eggs. My housemates were all very curious what it could be so I opened it right away. What was it? Why, my House Quiz Prize of course! I had almost forgotten that it was on its way. What a pleasant surprise!

Look what I got! An entire kit to make a beautiful lacey scarf! It includes the yarn (sparkly pinks and purples) needles (knit picks, my fave) and pattern. Yay!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Owls!

My owl arrived yesterday! Check my blog to see who has the best swap partner ever.

Gabriella - Ravenclaw

Gryffindor Quiz #2 Winner!

Let's have a nice round of applause for our latest Gryffindor House Quiz Winner....

Petunia Cadogan!

Roar Roar Gryffindor's!!!

WTG Tuna!!!
George and Fred ==> Weasleys' Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs
Mauraders Map ==> Gred & Forge
Shreiking Shack ==> Mauraders Map
Remus J. Lupin = Shreiking Shack


I hope everyone is well rested after their term break. I know I am. Now, it's back to work!

Here is your House Quiz. How well have you studied the women of Ravenclaw? We'll see, because this is not a multiple choice quiz! Remember, answers are due by Friday, February 15, at midnight. A wonderful prize will be awaiting one person!

1. What is Professor McGonnagall's first name?

2. Who is the librarian of Hogwarts?

3. What is Madam Rosmerta's job?

4. What is Rita Skeeter's secret?

5. Madam Hooch is instructor of what subject?

6. Who is Parvati Patil's best friend?

7. What Quidditch position does Cho Chang play?

8. What is the name of Fleur Delacour's little sister?

9. Who is professor of Divination?

10. Who wrote "A History of Magic"?
'Happy Birthday'

to Olive Bloomfleet,
and (belatedly - sorry!) Helga Lovegoods.

Thank you, Spoiler!

I just wanted to give a public shoutout and a HUGE hug to my secret spoiler, who is incredibly thoughtful and sweet, and who sent me a KnitPicks gift certificate for my birthday (one of my favorite places for buying yarn). The gift took me completely by surprise, and it made my day so much brighter knowing that you’re thinking of me! So thank you, spoiler (whoever you are~ you're doing an excellent job of keeping your identity hidden)! :D *hugs you*

Monday, February 11, 2008

Going, going . . .

Grindylows --> Remus J. Lupin

(he taught his 3rd year students about them in class)

Time Off

Hello, everyone! I'm taking the day off from Headmistress duty. I participated in Hat Attack and it nearly killed me. I pre-empted my battle by finishing 1/2 of Dashing (Valentine gift) in two days, which resulted going into the battle on less than 6 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. I finished the battle having only had 11 hours of sleep in a 96-hour period. Yes, call me crazy!! Anyway, I'll be checking emails and responding tomorrow. Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of sleeping since :)
Merpeople --> Grindylows (as pets)

Hufflpuff House Quiz #3


I hope you all enjoyed your week off and your trip into Hogsmead this past week. Don't forget to post to your blogs about your trip.

As our Headmistress mentioned in the Daily Prophet please be sure you are checking your Potter email addresses. I have a few Hufflepuffs who I haven't made contact with. On to the house quiz.

This weeks quiz is a quote from an important character. You have until Sunday the 17 at midnight to post your answers.

Neville Longbottom--> Gillyweed
Bellatrix Lestrange --> Nevill Longbottom
Unbreakable vow ==> Bellatrix Lestrange

(vow bonder)
Narcissa Malfoy ===> Unbreakable Vow


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walburga Black ==> Narcissa Malfoy (neice of Walburga)

Kreacher ===> Walburga Black (1925-1985)

Mother of Sirus and Regulus Black

Order of the Phoenix Headquarters ===> Kreacher

Petunia Cadogan
Number 12, Grimmauld Place ==> Order of the Phoenix Headquarters
Extendible Ears ===> Number 12, Grimmauld Place

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes ==> Extendible Ears
Pygmy Puffs ==> Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Where the pygmy puffs are sold
Weasley Twins ===> Pygmy Puffs :D

They are just SO cute!!!
Dolores Umbridge==>Weasley Twins

One of my favorite parts in Order of the Pheonix is when the Twins make a rucous during OWLs examines and leave the school because of Umbridge.
Cornelius Fudge ===> Dolores Umbridge

"Senior Undersecretary to the Minister himself!"


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Minstry of Magic ===> Cornelius Fudge

Petunia Cadogan

Slytherin Arithmancy Challenge

Arithmancy at Hogwarts is taught
by Professor Vector.

In her class, students are
expected to write essays and to be able to understand
complicated number
charts, which are part of their homework.
Arithmancy is a branch of magic
that is concerned with the magical
properties of numbers; someone who
practices Arithmancy is called an
For example, in the 1200s, Bridget Wenlock, a famous
Arithmancer, discovered the magical properties of the number seven.
An O.W.L. in Arithmancy is required to apply for a
curse-breaker's job at

1. How many unforgivable curses does Lord Voldemort use on Harry in the Goblet of Fire? Name them.

2. How long does it take to brew Polyjuice Potion?

3. In the Chamber of Secrets Professor Sprout welcomes her Herbology students to which greenhouse?

4. What is Harry's number on the Quidditch team?

5. Who is the oldest actor to play a Hogwarts student in The Chamber of Secrets?

6. On what day do Harry Potter and the Dursleys arrive at the hut on the rock, on the island in the sea (SS)?

7. How many times has Gilderoy Lockhart won Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award?

8. How many years does Sirius black spend in Azkaban?

9. How many Famous Wizard cards does Ron tell Harry he has in his collection on the Hogwart's Express?

10. What number is Dumbledore's vault at Gringott's?

11. How long has Scabbers been in the Weasley family when he becomes Ron's?

12. What number is Harry Potter's vault at Gringott's?

13. What is written where the number 12 should be on Molly Weasley's clock (COS film)?

14. How many presents does Dudley receive on his birthday (SS book)?

15. What is the license plate registration number on Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia car (COS film)?

16. How many points are scored for a goal in Quidditch?

17. What is the exact time the Hogwart's Express leaves King's Cross station?

18. How many players are there on a Quidditch team?

19. How far back in time does Tom Riddle's diary take Harry?

20. How many flavors of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans did Harry eat on the Hogwart's Express (SS book)?

21. According to the Chocolate Frog Card how old are Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle Flamel?

22. What is the number on the front of the Hogwart's Express train?

23. How many eyes does Fluffy have?

24. What was Harry's room number at the Leaky Cauldron?

25. How many points did Slytherin have when Dumbledore announced the scores for the House Cup in the Sorcerer's Stone?

Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Exceeds Expectations (E) Acceptable (A)
Fail Grades: Poor (P) Dreadful (D) Troll (T)

Bev Love aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mad Eye Moody==> Minstry of Magic

Retired Auror
Barty Crouch Jr. ===> Mad Eye Moody
Polyjuice Potion ==> Barty Crouch Jr.

He used the potion to impersonate Moody.
Moaning Myrtle --> Polyjuice Potion

She said she saw some polyjuice potion when she was circling the drains...which we later find out is from Mad Eye Moody :)


Be sure you've posted to your blogs at least once this week. Let's show we have 100% participation.

The next house quiz will be posted on Monday.
Cedric Diggory===>Moaning Myrtle

Myrtle and Cedric were the ones that helped Harry figure out the egg.
Cho Chang ==> Cedric Diggory
Harry Potter -> Cho Chang

Daily Prophet, Issue 26

Hello, everyone!
Whew! Yesterday was a very busy day. Sorry that I didn't get in here to post the Daily Prophet. Just a few things of note today:

Please Respond and Please Check
The prefects have worked very hard over the last few weeks to keep in touch with everyone. Please make sure that you are responding to their emails and checking your secret Potter email boxes. There are a few Hufflepuffs specifically who are not responding to the prefect or to their swap partners. Please, please respond and check in often.

Participation & Dropping Policy
This is just a reminder and a clarification of the dropping policy.
The first full week in which you do not post counts against your house for a total of -10.
By the end of the second week, if you have not posted before Saturday afternoon - my time - or emailed myself or your prefect, you will be dropped at just before midnight on Saturday of the second week.

Certified Mail Confirmation
This is just a reminder that when the U.S. swappers mail their packages they need to send it certified mail. When you get your package off in the mail please email me with your certified mail confirmation number.

Hogwarts Happenings
Tomorrow is the first Hogsmeade outing. I suggest you all pair up and go with a friend. Over the next week you can post about your visit and any little experiences you might have had. I caution you, though - stay away from the Shrieking Shack.
Hungarian Horntail ==> Harry Potter
Triwizard Tournament ==> Hungarian Horntail
Pine Fresh ==> Tri Wizard Tournament

Prefects bath tub is where they figured out the clue of the gloden egg
Rubber duck--> Pine Fresh (the password to the Prefects bathroom)
Muggles ==> Rubber Duck

Arthur Weasley's curiosity of the purpose of the rubber duck.
Arthur Weasley==>Muggles

Mr. Weasley has a interest in everything involving muggles. ;)
Flying Ford Anglia--> Arthur Weasley
Platform 9 3/4-->flying Ford Anglia
Teddy Lupin --> Platform 9 3/4

That is where I last remember him in the book.
Tonks==>Teddy Lupin
Lupin ==> Tonks
Fenrir Greyback---- R.J Lupin
Bill ---> Fenrir Greyback
Fleur = Bill
Goblet of Fire -> Fleur
Fire --> Goblet of Fire
Fawkes ==> Fire

Still going!

Basilisk --> Fawkes.

Fawkes blinds the basilisk in CoS.
Mandrake Root--> basilisk
Professor Sprout --> Mandrake Root
Herbology = Professor Sprout
Neville Longbottom --> Herbology

(Because that's what Neville rocks at!)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ginny Weasley--> Neville Longbottom

They attended the Yule ball together.
Tom Riddle's Diary ==> Ginny Weasley

Books for Ginny

Books - Tom Riddle's Diary

Socks for Dumbledore

Socks >> Books
("One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.")
Mirror of Erised ==> Socks
(cause who wouldn't see good handknit socks in the mirror? Dumbledore said he did!)
Lily ==> Mirror of Erised

(Harry Potter saw his mother in the mirror.)
Snape ======> Lily

Still Going

Peter Pettigrew=====>Snape (he worked for him)
Scabbers ====> Peter Pettigrew
Crookshanks ==> Scabbers

(because Crookshanks is always trying to eat him)
Hermione Granger==> Crookshanks

keeping it going

Viktor Krum=Hermione Granger
The Quidditch World Cup ==> Victor Krum
The Dark Mark==> The Quidditch World Cup
Death Eater ==> The Dark Mark

Here's Another

Lucius Malfoy = Death Eater

Bouncing Along

Dobby = Lucius Malfoy

Word Play

Kreacher the House Elf ==> Dobby the House Elf

Keepin' it Going

Sirius Black ==> Kreacher

(Kreacher is House Elf to the Black family)
Sirius Black--> Kreacher the House Elf
Firebolt ==> Sirius Black

(The Firebolt was given to Harry Potter by Sirius Black as a Christmas gift.)

Word Play

Broomstick ==> Firebolt

you're next

Quiet as a Mouse

My aren't we quiet! Lets celebrate everyone! It is the Chinese Newyear!! Lets keep the spirit up between quidditch matches and have some fun. I like the house quizzes, but I think we should play a game! Harry Potter Word Association. I will go first. All you have to do is put the previous word = and the new word. For starters--

Snitch = Broomstick


Arithmancy Challenge

Hey Slytherins,
Be watching the skies, you will be receiving an owl carrying the Rules for the next Slytherin trivia challenge Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008. There is a prize for this challenge so please post your answers quickly so you don't miss out on some great silkie sock yarn. The questions will be posted here at Hogwart's and will be sent by e-mail before I leave for Hogsmeade. Enjoy, and good luck.

Bev aka paletpc

Slytherin Prefect

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 25

Hogwarts Happenings

First Trip to Hogsmeade!
All students are invited to Hogsmeade this weekend. If you get the chance please note in your blogs (even the muggle blogs) about your trip and which Hogsmeade store is your favorite.


Good morning Ravenclaws!

I would like to remind everyone to post to your blogs this week. I know we're on term break, but we still need to continue to post. I will be checking!! I'd really like to see everyone complete this required homework assignment. Let's make our House proud.

Also, the editor of The Raven's Nest is on term break this week. Watch your mail next week for a new issue.

I hope everyone is keeping warm. Remember, there is always a nice warm fire burning in the Common Room and you can often find me there cuddled up with my knitting or a good book. Please join me!

Slytherins Unite

Hello all. Just a quick Rah Rah for the Slytherin House. 100% is awsome. Next time we will find the snitch! Was any house mate interested in a nightly chat? Hope you are having fun with your spoilee's.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008



Great work durning Quidditch last week. We almost made 100%, I know we will get it next round.

House Quiz
For all your hard work I'm giving you a week off from the house quiz. There will be one next week so be sure to do some reading during your freetime.
Be sure to post to your blog this week, our weekly homework assignment from the Headmistress. Show your badger pride and help us get 100% participation for blog posts.
Bagers Rock!!!!


Madam Pomfrey wanted to send an owl to let you all know that she is feeling a bit better and is set to return to Hogwarts on Monday. Until then Hagrid will be manning her post in the infirmary.

Some fun for all of us

After the fun puzzles the Gryffindor prefect/head girl has been putting out, I wanted more and I thought I would share. Here is a word search I created. It's for anyone whose bored. No prizes for finishing or posting, purely for the fun.

Madam Pomfrey

Has any one heard if Madam Pomfrey is feeling better?
I could sure use her!

Daily Prophet, Issue 24

Hello, everyone!!

This weekend is another busy weekend for me because the muggle knitting game Hat Attack begins Saturday!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm hoping to gather some tips for this event for a future swap. Anyway, the pattern will be released in the morning and I plan on knitting all day until I'm finished . . . and then . . . . hand delivering it to my target, which will probably be only 30 minutes from where I live muuuuaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaahaaa!!! Eh-hem! Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Hogwarts Happenings
The buzz from the last Quidditch match is still peppering the halls of Hogwarts. I think that we are all in need of a little school spirit!!!

Gryffindor House Quiz #2

Ok Gryffindors! Hop to it!! You have until next Tuesday to complete! A fantastic prize awaits you!

Monday, February 4, 2008


It is term break for Ravenclaws. There will be no homework this week so relax and enjoy your time off. I'd like to see some progress made on all those knitting projects. No mischief will be allowed! Be assured, however, there WILL be a quiz next week. I suggest you might want to spend some time in the libray!

Daily Prophet, Issue 23 - Quidditch

Quidditch last week was wonderful! Thank you so much for playing a good game and another congratulations goes out to Cassandra and Gryffindor House. It appears that I've hosted Quidditch so many times that I forgot to specifically list the rules of Quidditch, so here goes . . .


This is an online game played by the participants of the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap. During the swap Quidditch will be played in two to three rounds, or matches, during the duration of the swap.

On the day Quidditch begins trivia questions are posted on the swap blog along with a virtual picture scavenger hunt. The answering of the questions by the swap participants signifies the main chunk of the game which takes place in the movies.
The trivia and the scavenger hunt are scored on an all or nothing points system. So, in order to receive credit for the trivia all questions must be posted. The receive credit for the pictures all pictures must either be posted or hyper-linked.

The Snitch
Usually about 3 to 4 days after the trivia questions are posted the Snitch is released. This allows everyone the opportunity to answer the questions before the Snitch is released. The Snitch is an image of the the Golden Snitch and is stashed away in hiding on a blog page of one of the participants. It is never in the comments, rarely in a post, but hidden on one of the pages.
Once the Snitch is found the game is over, just as in the movie the game is over when the Seeker catches the Snitch.
When the Snitch is found the trivia questions will be removed from the main page of the HSKS site and no longer be available.
The timeline is posted because there have been times when the Snitch took 3 days to find! Because the game can't go on forever there is a beginning day and an ending day for each round of Quidditch. If the Snitch is not found by the ending day the Snitch is moved to an easier location and the hunt begins again, but once the Snitch is found the game is over and there is not more opportunities to gain more points by answering the trivia portion of Quidditch.

Trivia = 20 Points
Picture Scavenger Hunt = 5 Points
Snitch = 150 House Points
100% House Participation = 50 House Points

New Prefect and Head Girl
Unfortunately, Gryffindors previous prefect is unable to continue with her duties because of the result of the treatments that she must receive. The new prefect is planning a project which will cheer Lisa up, so be looking for an announcement concerning this or email the new prefect if you would like to participate.

Gryffindor's New Prefect is:
Cassandra Puddlemere

and your Head Girl is:
Penelope Pinkstone

My alter ego

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
You scored as Harry Potter

You can be a little reckless and hot-headed at times, but a more brave and courageous friend would be hard to find.

Remus Lupin


Harry Potter


Albus Dumbledore


Ginny Weasley


Hermione Granger


Ron Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Sirius Black


Severus Snape


Lord Voldemort


Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Harry Potter Alter Ego is...

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
You scored as Hermione Granger

You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Hermione Granger


Remus Lupin


Harry Potter


Albus Dumbledore


Severus Snape


Sirius Black


Ron Weasley


Ginny Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Lord Voldemort


Gold Star

Gold Star for Slytherin for getting 100% Bonus. Great Job!!!

Congratulations to Gryffindor for finding the snitch.
We tried to hold them off but we couldn't.
They were too fast this round.

Bev aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect

Yay! I'm Hermione! :D

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
You scored as Hermione Granger

You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Hermione Granger


Albus Dumbledore


Sirius Black


Ginny Weasley


Harry Potter


Remus Lupin


Severus Snape


Ron Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Lord Voldemort


Tea or Coffee w/the Headmisstress

Please join me in the Great Hall!

Please join me tomorrow to sit and chat either in the morning (my time) or the evening. Heat up your favorite cup of tea or coffee, grab a spot by the nearest computer and log-on!

Morning Chat
10 a.m. PST

Evening Chat
5:30 p.m. PST

To find out what time it will be for you got HERE.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Happy Belated Birthday, Celestina! I hope it was happy and well celebrated!


I have a notion that during this week's round of quidditch a few dementors have been preying on some of us. As you all should know (I do hope they still teach these basic remedies at Hogwarts), the best thing to aid recovery from a dementor attack is chocolate, so here's a little chocolate for the soul for you all:

Congratulations All Around

What a hard fought game of Quidditch that was! The line outside the infirmary stretches almost to the Great Hall. Congrats to Gryffindor for finding the snitch and congrats to the other Houses for an exciting competition.

Ravenclaws, you worked so hard and it payed off. We move up into 2nd place. I'm proud of each of you. There is sticky toffee pudding in the Common Room for you. I'm heading to the infirmary for this pounding headache!

Quidditch Results - Round One

Here are your results!!

Quidditch- Round One Results

1st Place - Gryffindor - 96%

2nd Place - Ravencalw - 83%

3rd Place - Slytherin - 75%
Slytherin received a 50 pt. bonus for 100% participation

4th Place - Hufflepuff - 61%

Cummulative Scores

1st Place - Gryffindor - 93%

2nd Place - Ravenclaw - 83%

3rd Place - Hufflepuff & Slytherin - 75%

A couple of things to note:

Hufflepuff is only one shy of 100%
Ravenclaw is only one shy of 100%

Again, you have all topped the participation levels of the last HSKS and I'm am blown away! Thank you for being great sports and putting your best foot forward!

Hurray Gryffindor!

Thanks Cassandra Grubbly-Plank! You rock!


Cassandra is our Queen!

Cassandra is our Queen !

She didn't let the other houses in

Cassandra is our Queen

Gryffindors can find anything.

We never leave a single blog.

That's why all Gryffindors sing:



:all the House of Gryffindor HOIST Cassandra Grubbly-Plank to their shoulders:

"HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY" can be heard all over the grounds.

Even the Centaurs come from the Forbidden Forrest to see what the commotion is all about.


CGP You're the BEST!!! Thanks for coming through for us! WE LOVE YOU! ~ from your reverent housemates.

My HP Alter Ego

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
You scored as Albus Dumbledore

Strong and powerful you admirably defend your world and your charges against those who would seek to harm them. However sometimes you can fail to do what you must because you care too much to cause suffering.

Albus Dumbledore


Hermione Granger


Ginny Weasley


Sirius Black


Harry Potter


Remus Lupin


Ron Weasley


Severus Snape


Draco Malfoy


Lord Voldemort



Keeping an 11 year old waiting is torture.

My housemates are thinking about using the binding spell on me because I am jumping all over the place and talking up a storm. Can't help it I am excited. Plus, I have been eating Bertie Botts all morning too. ;)

Oh, I just heard Esmerelda saying using a mute charm on me would not be a bad thing either....

Better go find something to do for an hour.......

Got Snitch?

Post your findings in the comment section of this post.

Go Gryffindor!!

Posted my answers Thursday night! Go lions!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Just 2 more need to post their answers. We can do this! ROAR ROAR!!!
Lets go Hufflepuff!!!!!!
Only a few more Huffles left.

Round One Down

I posted on my blog, but I must say - I completely guessed on several of the answers, or found myself too lazy to dig the book out and actually (gasp!) read! Sorry, but I am dying to dig around and find the right answers from all of YOU!!!


My answers are up!


The Dobby Prize

Well my dear magical friends, I feel there's a poetic symmetry in having completed the snitch sock during a round of quidditch. Now to tackle knitting broomsticks - perhaps I'll finish that during the next round?

What have we here...

Ah yes, that's right. The snitch right where it belongs. In the hands of a Gryffindor!!


Harry: You want a piece of me? Huh? Do ya?

Hufflepuffs Unite!!

I've posted my answers to Quidditch!!

Bragging on my Spoiler!

Can I just take a minute and tell you all how jealous you should be? Because I have the best, THE BEST, spoiler in the whole world?! She sends me emails telling me about all the fun things she's doing for me, she's so so pretty (at least in my head, she is), and...y'all, she sings me SONGS. For my birthday. How rad is that?! She sang me a song for my birthday that had my name it and it was so unbelievably great - so great that I wish I could post it here, but I don't want to give anything away to my spoilee. Just trust me on this - it made my day.

Spoiler, thank you so much for making this swap (my first one) the BEST EVER!

PS: Spoilee, she's giving be some good ideas :) Lucky girl....


I posted my answers

Ready for Snitch finding!!!

I have posted my answers on my blog. Emma