Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 33 - Owl Update

Hello, everyone!
We are just a week away from the deadline when all packages must be mailed!!

I know that a few of you were still waiting on owls to deliver items for your packages. I would like to insist that you please send whatever you have by the 18th, even if something is missing from your package.

There are still quite a few of you that have not sent their packages. Here's my list of people that still need to send their packages:

Clara Clovenhoove
Fleur Bloomfleet
Hermione Phoenixfire

Helga Lovegoods
Matilda Durmstrang
Petunia Acromantula

Allitrya Spelling
Enid Black
Fern Fiddlewithers
Victoria Black

Bridget Willomane
Cassandra Black
Emma Dumbledore
Emma Gorodok
Olive Broomfleet

If you are on this list, but HAVE sent your package off, please email me right away so that I can change the information in my database.

Calling All Angels!
If you volunteered to be an angel for this swap, please contact me - hogwartssockkitswap AT
Your angel kit doesn't have to include every item that a normal kit would hold. If you are able to do that then please go for it. But, angel kits should include:

A bag (this should be sewn)
A sock pattern

Stitch markers are relatively inexpensive to make or purchase. You can print a free sock pattern online. The only thing you'd have to labor over would be the bag. I'm hoping that we won't need 15 angels at the moment, but please pipe up if you are still willing to send an angel package.


Cassandra Black said...

mine has left by belated owl. I'll post a pic of the package and confirmation number on my blog in just a little bit.

Jenean said...

Thank you, Cassandra :)

Morrighan said...

Mine is delayed due to delayed arrival of the yarn for the bag, and then baby's arrival... But it will go out on the 18th when DH gets paid and I can (hopefully) afford the postage...

~Enid Black

Emma Gorodok said...

as I emailed you, my package has been sent and received, even if it has not been posted on this blog yet

Matilda Durmstrang said...

My package was sent and arrived over a month ago. My spoilee even posted the information on her website. Hope this clears up things.
Matilda Durmstrang

Bridget Willowmane said...

I sent you the sent and received info in March.