Monday, February 4, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 23 - Quidditch

Quidditch last week was wonderful! Thank you so much for playing a good game and another congratulations goes out to Cassandra and Gryffindor House. It appears that I've hosted Quidditch so many times that I forgot to specifically list the rules of Quidditch, so here goes . . .


This is an online game played by the participants of the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap. During the swap Quidditch will be played in two to three rounds, or matches, during the duration of the swap.

On the day Quidditch begins trivia questions are posted on the swap blog along with a virtual picture scavenger hunt. The answering of the questions by the swap participants signifies the main chunk of the game which takes place in the movies.
The trivia and the scavenger hunt are scored on an all or nothing points system. So, in order to receive credit for the trivia all questions must be posted. The receive credit for the pictures all pictures must either be posted or hyper-linked.

The Snitch
Usually about 3 to 4 days after the trivia questions are posted the Snitch is released. This allows everyone the opportunity to answer the questions before the Snitch is released. The Snitch is an image of the the Golden Snitch and is stashed away in hiding on a blog page of one of the participants. It is never in the comments, rarely in a post, but hidden on one of the pages.
Once the Snitch is found the game is over, just as in the movie the game is over when the Seeker catches the Snitch.
When the Snitch is found the trivia questions will be removed from the main page of the HSKS site and no longer be available.
The timeline is posted because there have been times when the Snitch took 3 days to find! Because the game can't go on forever there is a beginning day and an ending day for each round of Quidditch. If the Snitch is not found by the ending day the Snitch is moved to an easier location and the hunt begins again, but once the Snitch is found the game is over and there is not more opportunities to gain more points by answering the trivia portion of Quidditch.

Trivia = 20 Points
Picture Scavenger Hunt = 5 Points
Snitch = 150 House Points
100% House Participation = 50 House Points

New Prefect and Head Girl
Unfortunately, Gryffindors previous prefect is unable to continue with her duties because of the result of the treatments that she must receive. The new prefect is planning a project which will cheer Lisa up, so be looking for an announcement concerning this or email the new prefect if you would like to participate.

Gryffindor's New Prefect is:
Cassandra Puddlemere

and your Head Girl is:
Penelope Pinkstone


Neila said...

So, my understanding is that if the Snitch is found BEFORE the ending date listed in the sidebar for that round, Quidditch ends IMMEDIATELY when the Snitch is found.

Jenean said...

Yes, let me amend that.