Monday, February 25, 2008

Game Time!!

I want to keep the fun going again with a game if anyone else is up for it!

This is a game where I will post the first name. You (whoever sees this first) will post one word they think describes that person. Then that person will list another name at the bottom of their post. We will keep it going that way. :) Anyone wanna play?

Professor Snape


Penelope of Flitwick said...

You can count me in

Hanna said...

Word that describes: Cold

New name: Fred and George Weasley (you can hardly separete these guys)

Lily Finnegan

Emma Wigworthy said...


New name: Rita Skeeter

Anonymous said...


New name: Albus Dumbledore

Antonia Marie dela Weasley said...

Word that describes: Powerful!

New Name: Gellard Grindlewald

Lily Durmstrang said...


Madame Rosmerta

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

imperius curse

New name: Draco Malfoy

Brooke Knits said...


Lily Durmstrang said...

Mr. Olivander

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Description: Mysterious

New Name: Snape