Saturday, February 2, 2008

Quidditch Results - Round One

Here are your results!!

Quidditch- Round One Results

1st Place - Gryffindor - 96%

2nd Place - Ravencalw - 83%

3rd Place - Slytherin - 75%
Slytherin received a 50 pt. bonus for 100% participation

4th Place - Hufflepuff - 61%

Cummulative Scores

1st Place - Gryffindor - 93%

2nd Place - Ravenclaw - 83%

3rd Place - Hufflepuff & Slytherin - 75%

A couple of things to note:

Hufflepuff is only one shy of 100%
Ravenclaw is only one shy of 100%

Again, you have all topped the participation levels of the last HSKS and I'm am blown away! Thank you for being great sports and putting your best foot forward!


Lavender Kedavra said...

How is it determined the participation level? I know that I had participated but am not sure if I was counted or not.

Jenean said...

Yep, you were counted, but there were a few that did not post pictures.

Lily Finnegan said...

Sorry to keep all Ravenclaws in suspense, but now you can count on 100% participation from Ravenclaw because I have posted as instructed on my muggle blog.

Emma Gorodok said...

I'm still not sure about the participation level either... if Slytherin got bonus points for 100% participation, how can Ravenclaw have more points?

I really don't get this system, sorry if I'm a pain asking this again and again