Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slytherin Magical Objects Challenge

Magical Objects

Mr. Weasley works in the Department for the Regulation of the Misuse of Muggle's Artifacts Office. The Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects is the Ministry of Magic list of Muggle artifacts that are illegal to enchant or import. These Magical Objects may or may not be on the list. Enter the Magical Object that answers the question or best fits the statement given.


What two things could the penknife Sirius gave Harry for Christmas allow it's user to do?

What is the name of the shallow stone basin that contains a substance that looks like light made liquid or wind made solid?

What is the most fabulous magic item of them all, that gives unlimited gold or immortality?

What enchanted item transports a person to a preprogrammed location?

What is the thin flexible golden rod used to detect spells of concealment and hidden magical objects?

What is the glass ball the size of a large marble usually filled with, unless the holder has forgotten something, and it turns red?

What does a Sneakoscope do when someone untrustworthy is around?

Where did Harry buy the two pairs of socks for Dobby, that screamed loudly when they became too smelly and flashed gold and silver stars?

What magical item did Ron, Ginny and Hermione use to mend, repair or bind things?

What Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes item gave Hermione a black eye?

Magical Maintenance at the Ministry of Magic uses them to display spectacular weather effects in the underground levels.

What red smoking item explodes if not opened immediately?

What device displays magical words that provide game commentary in purple letters?

Rita's Skeeters fast writing assistant?

Which banned joke item was confiscated by Prefect Hermione Granger?

What is the standard magical means of transportation in Asia and the Middle East?

What are the three ways to create an invisibility cloak?

What is the name of the specific piece of jewelry that bestows wisdom on the wearer?

Floo Powder allows the user to do what two things in the green flames of a fireplace?

What device shows it's owner's enemies?

Name three games played with magical or charmed objects.

Which magical object gives light only to its user?

What are the two things Dumbledore says the Mirror of Erised does not give?

What object does Fawkes first deliver to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets?

I have e-mailed you the rules and prize information. The Challenge will be graded on March 15, 2008. Good luck Slytherins.

Bev Love

aka paletpc

Slytherin Prefect

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