Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 31

Hello! It's time to begin the sent and received posts. If I've missed your name, please mention it in the comments and I'll be sure the check my emails for something I missed. These are all that have send their delivery confirmations to me.

Penelope Pinkstone
Cassandra Puddlemere
Lady Felua the Forgetful
Perpetua Phoenixfire
Madam Ferula Finnigan
Padma Dumbledore
Cassandra Grubbly-Plank
Lavender Kedavra
Lily of Flitwick
Lily Durmstrang
Electra the Enchanting
50% of Gryffindor's kits have been mailed

Violet le Veela
11% of Hufflepuff's kits have been mailed

Cassandra Hopkirk
Elanor Cadogan
Gabriella Clearwater
Patonga Pinkstone
Cliodna Bloomfleet
Emma Diggory
Lavender Diggory
Patonga Wigworthy
Cecilia Kettleburn
Serafina Starfire
Millicient Brocklehurst
Emma Wigworthy
32% of Ravenclaw's kits have been mailed

Emma Gorodok
Bridget Willowmane
20% of Slytherin kits have been mailed

Deadline for late kits to be sent is April 18.
If you estimate that you will not be able to send your kit off in that time you NEED to communicate this with me. If there is no communication and you exceed that deadline you will be banned from further HSKS swaps, and unfortunately you will go on the bad swappers list on Ravelry also. So, do your best to get you kit mailed ASAP and communicate with me and/or your prefect.

HSKS5 Sign Ups
Okie dokie! Here's the schedule for the next term:

Returning students - Sign up begins April 30th
New students - Sign up begins May 2nd
Sign ups close - May 14th
Term begins - May 16th
Term ends - July 18th


Lily Durmstrang said...

Hello Headmistress! I have sent my kit and it has been received. Patonga Wigworthy acknowledged it on here about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know! :)
Lily Durmstrang

Ferula's Fen said...

Hi Headmistress - I too have sent my kit and it's been received. I sent you an email on Friday 3/14 with the confirmation number. But, my spoilee (Gryf Lily of Flitwick)has received it already and has blogged about it!


Jenean said...

I'll add your name, Lily. Ferula, your name is listed among those that sent their packages already :)

CentyB said...
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CentyB said...

Hello Professor, Lily Densengao received her owl and kit from me a couple of weeks ago (posted on her blog as well).

CentyB (Millicent Brocklehurst)

Emma Gorodok said...

my kit has been sent, but I can't get a confirmation because of the international shipping...

Electra The Enchanting said...

Hi Headmistress I have sent my kit and it has been recived. I sent you and Lavender Diggory an email around St Patricks Day with the comformation number. Just wanted to let you know!

Electra the Enchanting

Bridget Willowmane said...

I sent my kit last week and my pal Lady Stephanie of Stumpage blogged about it in her last post.

Bridget Willowmane

p.s. I have also received my kit from Cassandra Hopkirk.

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Head Mistress my kit will be going out on Monday. Still waiting for an owl.

Jenean said...

Updated! Thank you :)

dogyarnfun said...
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Anonymous said...

My kit was send and arrived at it's destination.
Matilda Durmstrang

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

there's a bad swapper list on Ravelry? That's worse than santa's naughty list!

Jenean said...

Matilda, did you send me an email with your delivery confirmation when you sent off your package? I don't think I got it.

Minerva Kwikspell said...

Woo Hoo!! The new term begins on my birthday. How's that for a present? Yay!!!

Emma Wigworthy said...

Hello Headmistress!
I sent my kit to Emma Gorodok several weeks ago and she has received it all (I split it into two packages due to the weight) and blogged about it on her blog. I didn't send delivery confirmation because it was international post (from UK to Emma!)

Selina Starfire said...

Mine was sent today

I emailed both you and my partner with the tracking number.

Selina Starfire

Avada Finch-Fletchley said...

My pal's kit was mailed today by the muggle husband. As soon as he returns from work I can send the confirmation number.

Cliodna Hopkirk said...

I CCed you the email I sent my pal, but just in case, I'll mention here again that Emma Dumbledore's package went in the mail today. :)