Saturday, March 22, 2008

Slytherin Charms Challenge

Charms are a type of magic spell concerned with enchanting an object to behave in a way that isn't normal for that object. Charms is also something of a catch-all for spells that aren't Transfiguration (spells that change the inherent nature of an object). Charm spells are in some ways the opposite of Curses: many Charms seem to have an inherent positive tone, while Curses have an inherent negative one. This is not to say that Charms are weaker magic; a well-chosen Charm is a powerful magical tool against curses, jinxes, and hexes. Professor Flitwick, the Hogwarts Charms teacher, was rumored to have once been a duelling champion, after all.

1 Which charm did Slughorn say would disable a Muggle burglar alarm?

2 What was the basic defensive spell, taught at the Duelling Club by Snape and used frequently thereafter?

3 What spell was used by witches and the wizards in medieval times who were burned at the stake?

4 What spell did Snape tell Draco to cast on Harry at the Duelling Club?

5 Which spell did Draco cast on Neville just for kicks; which had Neville hopping all the way back to Gryffindor Tower?

6 Fifth-years worked on which spell in Charms using bullfrogs and ravens?

7 Which charm did Harry accidentally mix up the incantation for with the Colour Change Charm during his practical Charms O.W.L.?

8 Which charm was Harry and his classmates practicing in their fourth-year Charms class that had Professor Flitwick being swept all around the room by Neville, whose aim wasn't very good.

9 What spell did Harry try to cast on Draco, but it was deflected and hit Goyle in the face outside of the Potions Classroom?

10 What charm did Hermione cast to keep Rita Skeeter trapped in beetle form?

11 What charm did Hermione have to use on Harry while he was unconscious after their visit to Godric's Hollow?

12 Which charm did Hermione try in an attempt to protect herself, Ron, Bogrod, and Griphook from the burning, multiplying treasure in the Gringott's vault?

13 Kevin, the little wizard boy in the World Cup campground, was casting what spell on a slug before his Mother took his Dad's wand from him?

14 Lockhart supposedly used which charm to defeat the Wagga Wagga werewolf and demonstrated in Defence Against the Dark Arts?

15 Madame Maxime used which charm to force Golgomath's thugs to drop Hagrid when the giants became hostile with the ascension of the new Gurg?

16 Which charm proved useless against the door in the Department of Mysteries (which also melted Harry's knife-blade)?

17 What is the substance that can destroy Horcruxes, that Hermione considered far too dangerous to ever use?

18 What charm did Ron recommend Harry use on Cormack McLaggen after his antics cost them a Quidditch match?

19 What charm does Ron say he can use instead of looking in the mirrors when he drives a muggle car?

20 What spell was Seamus Finnigan reciting the definition of aloud, the day before Harry's first O.W.L. exam?

21 What charm did Snape suggest had been used on Harry, Ron, and Hermione by Sirius Black in the shrieking shack?

22 The power of which Charm will be diluted more and more as more and more people become Secret Keepers?

23 Which charm became fashionable during the last month or so of Harry's fifth year, because Dungbombs and Stink Pellets were being used frequently in the corridors?

24 Which spell is known only to Death Eaters, and is sent up in the sky when they kill?

25 To deal with his Aunt Marge Harry tried to recall which spell on page twelve of the Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broom Care?

Bev Love

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