Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ravenclaw Reminder

I want to remind everyone that you have until midnight on Sunday, January 20, to hand in your House Quiz answers. The quiz has dropped off the front page so you will have to look into older posts. If you have a character blog, post the answers there; if you do not, either email me with your answers to post them here. Show me that we are a House that can get 100% participation! If we can do it now when it doesn't count toward House points, I KNOW we can do it when it does count!

I will be out of town this weekend visiting the Muggle House of Mouse land of fantasy in California. I will draw a name from those who have turned in their answers to the House Quiz upon my return and post the name of the winner and the prize won here.

I understand that some are having problems discovering anything about their swap partners. A suggestion was made at the last meeting of the Ravenclaw Knitting Club that people put a wish list in the sidebar of their blog and list whatever they would like to receive. It would be just another way to let your swap partner what you really like, want and NEED.

Finally, as prefect I have a personal favor to ask of those without character blogs. Could you either post here or leave a comment to let me know that you are checking in here? I just want to make sure everyone is enjoying Hogwarts this year. Thanks!


Fern Fiddlewithers said...

I don't have a characer blog but am checking in here and Ravelry. I'll get to work on my quiz.

Ophelia said...

I am checking in all the time. The excitement is just too much. My quiz answer is posted to my character blog.

Lavender Diggory said...

Can you please post the time, including the time zone, of the Wednesday chat meetings? I would love to attend.


Cliodna Hopkirk said...

Got this blog on my Google Reader, so I see it all. :)

Minerva Kwikspell said...

Lavender I believe the Wednesday night meetings start at 8:30 pm EST. Although there are usually people in and out even before that.

We are working on setting up a time for meetings during the day as well, so that those that work or have classes at night, or are overseas can join in the fun. ;)

Hope to see you next week! :D

Selina Starflame said...

I'm checking in and having fun. It's a little hard to figure out what's what on the Ravelry board. I use special muggle technology that makes it a little wonky. I'd love to join in on the knitting chats; however I'm finding the time and day bad for me. Day scheduled chats would be excellent because that's when I have most of my free time! Well Happy Knitting and the wishlists are a great idea!