Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am addressing this to Ravenclaw House, but it most likely is applicable to all the Houses. I have heard from a few Ravenclaws who have either emailed their spoilees and have had no response, or who haven't yet been contacted by their spoilers. Please remember that communication is important, at least initial communication so we know that everyone has their partner's name. If you haven't heard from your spoiler/spoilee, please check your spam folder(s)in case any emails ended up there.

I realize that there are probably many first years who have never participated in a swap before and might be a little overwhelmed by this one because of the amount of communication, quizzes, games, etc. An important part of this swap, other than putting together and mailing your kit, is communication. You are only asked to post to your blog once per week, but you are encouraged to post whenever you want, both on your blog, in the Common Rooms, and/or on Ravelry. This swap is more than just swapping; it's about making friends.

Please contact your House Prefect or Madame Headmistress if you are having any problems. We are all here to help.

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