Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 18

Good Morning to all!! I completely forgot to wish Perpetua Phoenixfire a Happy Birthday yesterday. I meant to include it in my Daily Prophet post and literally forgot after clicking the button to post!!! How senile is that?? Either that or the person that released the ferrets yesterday was working overtime to put some type of memory stealing Hex on me. So, so sad.

Well, if you haven't been over to wish Ms. Phoenixfire a happy birthday, please take the time to do so today.

Name Changes

I'm so sorry that I didn't not have the chance to email everyone to let them know that their swapees name might have changed after registration was closed because of duplicate names. Below is a list of those that changed their names. If you see your swapees name you might want to contact them to confirm. Some have changed houses as well as names.

Henrietta Sweeting (G) > Cressida Townsbury (G)
Selina Starfire (R) > Cecillia Kettleburn (R)
Selina Starfire (R) > Selina Starflame (R)
Celestina Phoenixfire (G) > DenAzaella Daemonova (S)
Penelope Pinkstone (R) > Patonga Pinkstone (R)
Penelope Pinkstone (G) > Hermione Phoenixfire (G)

There might have been some others. I'll update this list as I'm informed.

Hogwarts Happenings
It appears that many of the students here at Hogwarts have been getting tipsy on more than their share of Butterbeer!! The term has barely started, students, and already the halls have been filled with mischief. I'll have you know that butterbeer hasn't nary a drop of alcohol in it. Did you know that? Ha! Below is the recipe:

Butterbeer Ingredients:

  • Root Beer or cream soda

  • Butter

  • Cream

  • Butterscotch (chips, sauce or both!)

How to make it:
Pour the (root beer/cream soda) in a cup, and the butter & butterscotch into a a small bowl. Put the bowl of butter and butterscotch in the microwave and melt it.
Then put the root beer in the microwave, but not for long because you want it to be moderately warm, or it isn't fizzy and good anymore!
Pour some melted butter and butterscotch in the root beer but not too much! Then pour some cream (coffee cream) in. Then stir it all up. It might take a few tries to make it to your liking!

Ogden's Old Firewhiskey, on the other hand . . . .


Penelope of Flitwick said...

Sounds Yummy!

Bev Love said...

That sounds so delicious. I think with a drop of Essence of De-Nial it doesn't have any calories either.


Lily of Flitwick said...

But if we use butterscotch schnapps...then it becomes alcoholic...

Anonymous said...

Lily! Stop giving away House secrets!

lily of flitwick said...

Tee Hee!

Cecilia said...

lily, you stole my thoughts right out of my head!!!

Just like lily said... what if we conveniently forget how to read and think it said "Buttershots" instead of just "butterscotch"...?

Emma Diggory said...

Cecelia, now you are on to something. Maybe we can transfigure and armchair in the common room into a wet bar...