Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hogwarts Castle cake on the Food Network

Just a quick note to all Hogwarts students:

I don't know how many of you have access to muggle tv in your common rooms, but on the Food Network tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT they will be airing an episode of Ace of Cakes where they make a Hogwarts castle shaped cake w/ lake for the LA premiere of the Order of the Phoenix. It's the biggest cake the bakery had made to date and it looks like it should be wickedly awesome and very enchanting.

Check here for other air times of the episode if you're interested.


Jenean said...

I just watched it. I LOVE Aces of Cakes and watch all the time. That cake was absolutely fabulous and I loved hearing what Rupert and Daniel thought of the cake :) I just wished that they had taken a slower panoramic view of the cake a couple more times. It was great!

Heather said...

I saw the episode, too, and loved it. I really love the crazy Charm City people. I was so afraid they weren't going to eat the stinkin' cake, though. I thought - what a waste! (or is that waist???)