Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 22

Good Morning, fellow Hogwarts students!
I'm up late here at work, so I thought that I would post now because I'm liable to take a nap in the morning.

Quidditch - Round One
The first round of Quidditch has started with a BANG!! There are still 2 more days to get your trivia up before the Snitch is released, so don't worry. I'm sure your housemates will not let you down.

This swap is full of things that have never happened before at Hogwarts!!! I have been truly amazed! It seems that the Ravenclaws got in in their heads that they would push the Quidditch post down off the page as soon as I posted it. It was a somewhat clever attempt to sabotage the other houses out of a chance to answer the trivia, but alas! The Ravenclaws were found out. All houses must be forewarned, however; any further attempt to beat another house out of the chance to participate in Quidditch will receive a 50 pt. reduction in House points! All earlier 'sabotage' posts were deleted. That is all that will be said about that.

The Snitch
I'm still looking for a home for the Snitch. Please be sure to check your emails because you may be the lucky host of the Snitch (if I can just get someone to respond!!).

Hogwarts Happenings
This afternoon, during the Quidditch match, several of the Ravenclaws decided to use the confundus charm, but because Fleur Lovegoods wand was stepped on earlier in the week the charm backfired, and each of the girls did some things that were characteristically thought to be Slytherin type deeds. Lady Felula caught them in the act and before the girls knew it they were stuck in detention after school for the next two days - Ophelia Crookshanks, Fleur Lovegoods, Lavender Diggory, and Esmeralda Beanswallow. There were a few others, but it appears that they ran away before they were caught. What is their punishment, you ask?? Cleaning out bedpans in the hospital wing without magic.


Esmerelda Beanswallow said...

My genuine concern for our health was mistaken for mischief? I'm wounded......

Cassandra Puddlemere said...
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Emma Wigworthy said...

Oh you poor dears - I understand there's a sickness and diarrhoea bug in school at the moment!

Ophelia Crookshanks said...

But Headmistress, I am in GRYFFINDOR!!! It wasn't me. It was the other Ophelia. The one who refuses to sign her last name. to anything.

Not that I haven't been goofing around, but ABSOLUTELY nothing Slytherin like. ABSOLUTELY!!!

Though I don't mind serving detention. I just want to serve it for something I really did.....

Could I have both days with Prof. Black, we seem to be getting on really well?