Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 13

Hello, good afternoon!
I slept the morning away!! I was up all night at work and didn't catch a wink like I normally do, so when I returned home I even had to take a nap for the hour between the time I get home and the time that I take the kiddos to school! Well, I feel much better now, though I probably could have slept a lot longer LOL

Invitation to Blog
Everyone should have received their invitation to blog on this site via their secret email accounts. I accidentally sent about 20 invites out on Saturday to primary accounts, but when I realized my mistake I cancelled those invites. Then Sunday I reissued the invites to the secret email accounts. Since then I've resent twice to those that have yet to join - Monday and last night. So, check your email!!! If you are wondering why you should even bother please visit the previous HSKS blogs and you'll see all the teasing that goes on, plus you'll be able to announce and show off your kit when it arrives in the mail. It helps me keep track of who has received their packages and who is still waiting.

Common Rooms
Are you loving them????!! I am soooooo loving the addition of the Common Rooms for this swap. The Common Rooms and the Ravelry forum gives me the fodder that I need for my Daily Prophets and helps me to answer questions to the masses that might have the same questions as you. I peruse the forum and all Common Rooms daily - eh hem - several times a day. I'm hooked!! And I absolutely LOVE going back and reading all your little chats :) So, keep it up, my friends!

Hogwarts Happenings
Many saw yesterdays prank of Canary Creams to have been a mean and nasty prank, but in truth it was simply a bored 7th year who is in the same class as Allitrya Spelling. At first I thought that Allitrya was the culprit and had to question her thoroughly in my office before she let it slip that Beauregard Flitwick was to blame. I'll have to watch that one! It seems he doesn't have enough homework


CentyB said...

Master Flitwick is in my Transfiguration class. I'd be happy to enhance his learning with additional homework, and perhaps a mandatory extra credit project...

Allitrya Spelling said...

Innocent, innocent! =) I'm glad I remembered that little detail about Beauregard having bright yellow fingernails...I just could not make sense of it before!

I'm sure you're quite busy at the moment with all the new first years, but I would delicately and politely like to point out that my name is misspelled in the post. =) Thank you again!