Monday, January 21, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 15

Good Morning, afternoon, evening!! There is so much I don't even know what to begin with! Last week was such a fun week. So fun I can't even believe that everyone has only been back at Hogwarts for a week! Well, enough glee - let's get on with the news, shall we?

Great Hall Chat
Don't forget the chat today in the Great Hall. The chat times are listed in the Great Hall chat room and in issue 14 of the Daily Prophet.

The Raven's Nest
The cleaver Ravenclaws have put together a wonderful newsletter which has been emailed to every Ravenclaws Potter Email addy. So, make sure you check you boxes.

House Quizzes
I just wanted to clarify that the House quizzes are incentives to post given by your prefect with the promise of a prize drawing. The quizzes do not count towards House points, but they are fun, and in a way help each house member to get to know each other a little bit better. So, please take the time to post those quizzes. Besides, if that is all you post for the week it counts as your weekly post, which is a HSKS requirement.

Slytherin Points
Unfortunately, in all the hoopla, one of the Slytherins was never informed that she was a part of the swap. Of course, completely my fault because I stuck her name in amongst a group of people whom I had already partnered up and sent notices out to, but had to change the mix because of an allergy. Anyway, long story short I have adjusted the Slytherin points to reflect the 1 member who was absent during the first week for posting and during the logo tally. You'll find the new results in the sidebar, and Slytherins . . . you will be very, very pleased :)

HSKS - A History
For all you history buffs and statisticians I've written a little bit of HSKS history. It's located in the side bar at the very bottom. It's also a way for me to just remember the changes and how it all began.

Many of you are aware that a notice was posted for HSS on the HSKS forum on Ravelry. This was completely with my permission. Some of you have also noticed the similarities to the two swaps. Let me tell you a little bit about my relationship with the HSS.

Last year I missed out on the first HSS by about 1 week, I think. It seemed like such a fun swap, but I realized that I wouldn't have done well anyway because I'm not the most accomplished sock knitter.

In '05 I had been part of a Knit Sock Kit Swap by Scout and Bev. After that one was over it became the Knit Mitt Kit Swap. Anyway, I had just begun to read the Harry Potter series and became a quick fanatic, so I decided to combine the two types of swaps. I mimicked most of what I saw on the HSS blog and implemented some things of my own, which has changed quite a bit because of the wonderful input that I receive with every swap from you guys - the participants.

I'm not competitive when it comes to community type enjoyment, and I think that there are so many types of swaps people will pick and choose what they want to participate in or they will choose to participate in many. So, by all means, join in the HSS swap if you wish with a clear conscious. I won't be only because my sock knitting skills leave much to be desired :)


Ophelia said...

Sounds like fun. If we want to participate in the HSS, should we specifically not use the same Harry Potter name, or can we use the same one, same email, same blog, etc...

Jenean said...

Hmmmm . . . that's a good question. You can use the same name, that's not a problem, but if you use the same blog things might get a little confusing to your partners.

Emma Gorodok said...

wow, that's amazing what a difference just 1 person makes for us in the house points *doing the happy dance for all Slytherins*