Friday, January 25, 2008

Quidditch FAQ

What will the Snitch look like?
Here is a sample of what you are looking for. This one is from a previous HSKS. Pay close attention to the "Round #" because it changes to coincide with the current Quidditch match.

Where will the Snitch be?
For those of you that are super sleuths, this little tip may be helpful. I usually hide the Snitch on a dynamic website. That actually narrows it down quite a bit. IF you don't know what that means I can't really tell you because then you would be able to find the Snitch too easily. All I can say is it may or may not be on the first page.

What time will the Snitch be released?
The Snitch will be released at a different time each match to accommodate those of us in different time zones. A couple of days before I will announce the four-hour window of it's release time.

Will we have access to all the websites in order to search for the Snitch?
Yes. I am putting together a visiting list which will be posted here on this blog of all the qualifying sites.


Penelope of Flitwick said...

Will the HSKS2 be changed to HSKS4

Jenean said...

Yes :) That one is just a sample.

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

So the first person to find the snitch has to post on the main blog and their house wins the points?

Jenean said...

Absolutely! I'll leave a post that says something like "Post Snitch Findings Here" or something like that. That way it's time stamped. That lucky Seeker will need to leave the exact url where they found the Snitch.

Lavender said...

Thanks for posting this explanation!