Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 12

Good Morning!!
It's so busy around this castle! There seemed to have been a little confusion as to when classes began, but I think there is only one student that will have to find alternate transportation because she missed the Hogwarts Express. Other than that everyone else seems to have settled in rather nicely.

Family Emergency
We had to have one student drop because of a family emergency, so if you would all do me the favor of dropping by her blog and leaving your heartfelt thoughts, I'm sure that would cheer her quite a bit. Let her know that you are a fellow HSKS4 participant. Or you can send her a Hallmark card to her email address.
Debb Van Der Upwich
readernutcase AT

You should have received a database on Satruday with all participants information. This way the one's who do not have character blogs can still get a check-up visit from you. If you did not receive this then shoot me an email. Also, make sure that you are checking the Prefects Common Room. Check the archives to see if you missed anything.

Hogwarts Happenings
A 7th year has decided to relieve a little stress in her life. She dreads her upcoming N.E.W.T.'s and thought that before coming to Hogwarts she would pick up some of the Weasleys Wizard Weezes Canary Creams. She persuaded some of the gullible 1st years' into eating some because they are always attracted to all things yellow. As soon as I find out who the 7th year among us is she will definitely have to receive a little detention!


Fleur Lovegoods said...

I didn't do it but I'll volunteer for detention if it's with either Professor Black or Professor Von Humperdink!

Gabriella Clearwater said...

In that case maybe we should all have to sit detention. After we didn't protect fellow 1st years from harm. We need to learn to stick together and protect each other!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

Maybe Prof McPotions and Prof McHearthrob could possibly hold detention together? You know how unruly we can get Headmistress ::grins::

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Well you can count me in.We do need to support our 1st years ;)

Ferula Finnigan said...

sign me up to. We do have to learn our lessons... I am a first year though

Bathilda Boomslang said...

In the spirit of inter-house cooperation I will force myself ;-) to accompany the others to detention. :wanders off to find her good robes and new snake barrettes:

Lavender Diggory said...
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Lavender Diggory said...

Obviously being a Ravenclaw, I could not bring myself to do anything that would warrant detention. But, I volunteer to assist those running detention in any way they see fit!!