Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am your Prefect this year. I've tried to greet as many of you as possible when you arrived but I know I missed a few. For that I apologize. It's been a hectic few days, to say the least. If anyone has lost a robe, quill pen, parchment, wand, book, cauldron, owl or house elf, please let me know. They will most likely be found in a House I won't mention!

Ravenclaw is a huge house this year with more students than ever. I know we're all cramped, but we'll get everything sorted out eventually. Because of our size, I have appointed a Head Girl to assist me. She has been following me around and plying me with baked goods so I thought I'd put her to work. Minerva Kwikspell is Ravenclaw Head Girl. She will be helping me with quizzes, homework and rewards.

Which reminds me, a few of you haven't completed your homework yet and we are currently in 2nd place for house points. Please immediately follow your Headmistress's instructions in the Daily Prophet, Weekend Edition, and get the HSKS4 logo on your blogs! She is checking. We must prove that we are worthy of winning the House Cup by 100% participation.

Our first House quiz will be posted here this week. You will have until midnight on Friday to post your answers. If you have a character blog, please post your answers there; if you do not have a character blog, post your answers here.

I realize that it will be difficult to achieve 100% because of the size of the House. If you have to pick and choose which activities to participate in, I highly encourage you to take part in the Quidditch because that is how we will win House points. I have confidence we can win this year. If anyone has questions, contact me.

Now, let's all join hands and sing the Ravenclaw anthem:

Some call it magic,
These things that I see.
And I don't understand
Why it happens to me.
But I know that I have it,
For it blooms from within.
It beckons and calls
As I weave and I spin.
Some call it magic,
These things that I see.
I must list and learn
As ancient voices guide me.
Their magic is strong,
So I answer their call.
For I am sorted
To the best house of all.
The Mighty Ravenclaw!


Allitrya Spelling said...

GO RAVENCLAW! Blue and bronze forever! =D

Cecilia Kettleburn said...


Go Ravin' Ravenclaws!

Celestina Cadogan said...

GO RAVENCLAW GO! :D *cheers*

By the way~ I just noticed that my birthday isn't in the side bar~ mine is on February 1st. Could you add it for me, if it's not too much trouble? Thank you! ^^

Olive Bladvak said...

Let's go, Ravenclaw!

Minerva Kwikspell said...

GO RAVENCLAW!!! The party we have in the Common Room when we win the House Cup is going to be great!!


Fleur Lovegoods said...

Let's go Ravenclaws! I wear our colors proudly.

Esmerelda Beanswallow said...

(Esmie knits frantically so her new Ravenclaw scarf is done in time for first day of classes)

*flings 1/2 finished scarf in air*