Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daily Prophet, Weekend Edition

Okay, my friends!! Time for some early points! Each House earns 5 points per member who has posted the HSKS4 logo in the sidebar. In some cases I gave points for posting it on your blog at all, but it would have had to be on the first page that I came to. You can still post the logo on your blogs if you haven't, however, the opportunity to earn House points has passed. You can find a nice tutorial HERE and HERE.

All point percentages are accumulative.

1st place - Hufflepuff - 90%

2nd place - Ravenclaw - 87%

3rd place - Gryffindor - 84%

4th place - Slytherin - 70%

Partner Information Not Received
I'm very sure that I did not forget anyone in the matching process, but again, if you have not received your partner information from me please send me an email.

I've replied to everyone that contacted me concerning their partners and only a few were still having problems receiving mail.

Helga Lovegoods - I changed your primary email as requested and resent your partner information.

Cassandra Hopkirk - I sent your partner information on Wednesday (once), and then yesterday - twice to your primary email and once to your secret email.

Hogwarts Happenings
Olive Bladvak
celebrated a birthday yesterday!
If you haven't had the chance to stop by and wish her a happy birthday yet, please do so today!


Allitrya Spelling said...

I'm not sure if my original blog is still in the records or if it's my character blog, but soon after I created my character blog I did put the HSKS logo up, so I hope I'm not part of the reason Ravenclaw didn't do better. =)

Allitrya Spelling said...

Gah, my URL was wrong in my earlier post. This post's is correct.