Monday, January 7, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 5

It appears that the Daily Prophet must remain the Daily Prophet for a while. Maybe I'll just take weekend breaks.

74 Members and counting! This is the most ever. I might encounter unforeseen complications (hopefully not) so please keep your patient wits about you. I've already done most of the matching and will probably begin sending those out on Wednesday.

Character Blogs
The last date to submit a url for a character blog will be Friday, January 18th, when sign-ups close. I must have all the urls set into place before Quidditch begins because I have to make lists, lists, and more lists. If you are unsure of what a character blog is please visit any one of the linked names listed in the right hand column.

Character Blog Highlights

Official Start of Classes - Storyline
I've been wandering around and visiting various blogs. I've noticed that some students are in class while others are waiting anxiously to begin the new term. I thought that I would clarify the Hogwarts schedule -

A few choice students have needed a few extra credits and, therefore, have begun classes a little early. The official start of classes is set for Monday, January 21st, the week after all matches have been sent out. Whaaattt does this mean, you ask? It means that all students, faculty, and alumni will be in sync with their blogging schedules.

A dutiful Ravenclaw suggested that some post happenings within Hogwarts and the blogging characters will blog in reaction to the posts. I think that is a lovely idea! While you may still do that within each House via Ravelry I will still take up the task of posting here on the main HSKS blog and all Houses will have the opportunity to react. The scenarios will become a part of the Daily Prophet, so keep your eyes peeled!

Fleur Crockford set up a webring for all the character blogs. If you have a character blog please visit her site for all the details.

Enchanted Kit Planning Course
Miss Mandy is a new hire at Hogwarts and will be teaching Enchanted Kit Planning. Please watch her site for suggestions and tips on planning your kit.

Tribute to Dobby
Emma Diggory is designing a couple of sock patterns in tribute of the fallen, and much admired Dobby. She will be knitting up the final result and has offered to donate them as one of the Quidditch prizes.


Olive Bladvak said...

Oh, Professor Wartbobble, the return of the Daily (or week-daily!) Prophet has me so happy I could burst!

Fleur Crockford said...

Wednesday! Yay!

Elizabeth Spinner said...

Do you hear that boinging sound? That's me bouncing up and down.

Ok, small question, and forgive me for being thick as this is my first swap ever:

When I send emails to my pal, of course I don't use my real name, but do I use my Potter name or just sign them "Your Secret Pal"?

Jenean said...

You can use your Potter name and you'll, of course, send them from your secret email address :)