Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 3

Good Morning fellow Hogwarts students! Just a few things of note today:

Fleur Crockford has put together another nice little picture linking tutorial on her blog.

Confirmation Emails
As the day progressed yesterday a few wondered where their confirmation email was. Unfortunately I can't sit by the computer every second :) I must get out and experience the sun a little here and there. So, confirmation emails are sent in the evening all at once to save me from having to email each person individually. So, if you join today you'll receive your email this evening.

Chat Room on Ravelry
I've added a chatroom to our forum on Ravelry and you'll also be able to find the link in the right hand column, as well as individual chatrooms for every House.

Current Swap Members = 53
Deadline to sign up: January 18th or before we reach 100 members


Fleur Crockford said...

. . . What are the chances of changing the names of the chatrooms? It'd be neat if they could be called Common Rooms or something like that!

Jenean said...

Oh! I think I can do that :) Didn't even think of it.

Neila said...

What happened to our House lists??? I need to take count of my charges!

Jenean said...

It's Lingr. Grrrrr! The site is down and it's causing this site not to load properly. If this happens again I'll have to take the java scripts down for the common rooms.

Emma Wigworthy said...

Dear Professor Wartbobble,
I've charted the design for a 'Dobby Seeker Sock' and enchanted it so that it appears at my portal. Would you like me to knit a pair to be a school prize at Hogwarts this year in memory of Dobby?

Jenean said...

That would be absolutely fabulous, Emma!

Emma Wigworthy said...

Dear Professor Wartbobble,
I'm so pleased that you'll give this prize in memory of dearest Dobby. I will knit them as soon as I've got the yarn!

Jenean said...

I'll be sure to award this for one of the later events so that it gives you plenty of time to knit them up. Thank you so much for your heart.