Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome Hufflepuffs

My name is Jennifer and I am your prefect this term. I've tried to greet all of you as you arrived but with preparing for the term and getting everything together for our house trivia I know I missed a few of you. If you are missing something or get confused as to where your classes are let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

I will be posting our house quiz questions this week, be sure to check so that you don't miss them. Leave you answers here or on your character blogs. Answers are due Saturday by noon. Our common rooom chats are Wednesdays at 10 am MST (Noon- EST) and Sunday evenings at 6pm MST (8 pm-EST).
I am proud that Hufflepuff won the first round of house points. We may be one of the smaller houses but I know we have more than enough Badger pride to come out on top. Be sure to check the Daily Prophet for assignments given my the headmistress. If you haven't already be sure to get the HSKS logo in your blogs and keep an eye out for the first round of Quidditch starting on the 30th. Quidditch participation is very important for house points, if you can't do everything please be sure to at least participate for Quidditch.

If this is your first swap I encourage you to check Miss Mandy Finch-Fletchley's course on Enchanted Kit Planning. This is a good course for all first years, not my dear Huffles.

Badgers Rock !!!!!


Petunia Acromantula said...

Which time zone are those chat times?

Jennifer said...

I fixed my post to show time zones. I'll leave a post with times on Ravelry too.