Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 11

Good morning, everyone! Just a few things of note this morning. Of course, that's what I think every morning and the Daily Prophet seems to get longer and longer everyday!

Character Blogs
I am not accepting anymore character blog additions!
I'm trying to get well prepared for our first Quidditch match and everytime I add a new url to my visiting list I have to start all over, and with almost 100 it takes a long time to sort through which primary blog url to take out of the list so that I can add the appropriate character blog url. It may be confusing now, but you'll understand when I finally post the visiting list.

Primary Blogs
For those of you that do not have character blogs, don't think you are safe to post about your swap partners on your blogs!! Regardless of if you have a character blog or not you will get a visit from everyone that participates in Quidditch. The visiting list will have links without names attached so that we can all search for the Snitch - your spoilee will get a chance to see your blog. She/he just won't know it's you. You've been warned LOL

Daily Prophet
Because this blog has been opened for all to post you'll have to be vigilent about checking the archives for the Daily Prophet because this post may fall off the page before you get a chance to view it.

Hogwarts Happenings
Last nights Beginning of the Year Feast was fabulous! I had a great time getting to know the students and staff that participated. The House Ghosts told me that things got a little . . . shall we say interesting after I left for the night? I heard that the butterbeer was passed around rather liberally. It's to be expected, though, so no worries! As I was leaving I happened to pass Mr. Humperdink in the halls. Quite a stir has been going through the campus over the new DADA teacher, Mr. Humperdink. Many students have been wonder what House he belongs to, as well as Mr. Black. We struck up a lovely conversation, in which I discovered that Mr. Humperdink is none other than a Slytherin through and through. Mr. Black is a Gryffindor, though he tells me that the Sorting Hat almost placed him in Slytherin as it did with some of his ancestors because he, just as Harry did, speaks Parsletongue.

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