Friday, December 14, 2007

Before the 4 year begins . . . .

There are always before term preparations, and year four is no different than any other. Students, please remember to sort yourselves before the year begins.

4th Year Sorting Rules ~

1st and 2nd years must remain in their current House. If you are returning for your second year at Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap then you must stick to the House that you were sorted into during your first year.

3rd and 4th years may sort themselves into a different House then the one they were in during previous years.

Secret Swap ~
For the first time HSKS will be a secret pal swap! With new circumstances new rules will apply. Only one will be mentioned now - you must use the name generator in order to determine what your HSKS name will be for the duration of HSKS4.


Melissa said...

Here is another HP Name Generator:

Jenean said...

Thank you! I actually stumbled on it earlier in the day. I used it for my name because I liked it better than what the other site gave me.